Top Travel Coffee Experiences Part 2

In part 1 we named five (six if you include the picture at the top) great travel coffee experiences. Hopefully you get the idea that it’s about more than the quality of the coffee itself and also about the experience of being in that coffee shop or cafe at that particular time.

Here are five more of our favourite travel coffee experiences from around the world that deserve recognition so far.


Flat White at Will & Co. in Eastwood, NSW. Photo by Steve Collier. Copyright,2015.

Will & Co, Eastwood, Australia. This was a random find. We followed the gps on our way North from Sydney and stopped to resupply our camper at a supermarket. We quickly realised we’d stumbled upon a suburb with strong Asian influence. Chinese, Korean and Japanese outlets were everywhere selling produce and with a multitude of eateries on offer. We explored the mini mall and the food store, stocking up on some extra goodies for the road. Time for lunch. We walked along and found Will & Co. Super hip and good coffee as well as some amazing food. Gotta love Aussie portions! Really enjoyed this random find. It seemed like our favourite experiences of Sydney were away from the centre…



A delicious brunch at Established Coffee, Belfast. Photo by Steve Collier. Copyright, 2015.

Established Coffee, Belfast. We visited Belfast to meet up with our friends, Tara and Ryan who met in New Zealand. They took us to brunch at Established Coffee. This was a turning point for Steve as it was the moment he decided to delve in to the rabbit hole of specialty coffee and home brewing thanks to their multitude of brewing options. It seems like Belfast is really taking up specialty coffee and there are a number of great coffee shops around. This one was minimal, spacious with large tables and amazing food, all freshly made, to go with the delicious coffee. The baristas here were friendly and happy to talk about the coffee on offer and make suggestions. A good time with good friends.


Americano at A Mouse Called Bean in Christchurch, NZ. Photo by Steve Collier. Copyright, 2015.

A Mouse Called Bean, Christchurch, NZ. At the time of our visit in 2015 Christchurch was still in the middle of a massive reconstruction programme due to the devastation caused by the 2011 earthquake and will be for some time, yet this is a city buzzing with optimism. One of the most iconic parts of Christchurch is an area of shops and eateries constructed using shipping containers called Re:Start. The concept became so popular that the containers stayed and the container method of construction is popping up around the world. A Mouse Called Bean is fantastic. Great coffee and it’s right next to an amazing wood-fired pizza place (typical Kiwi style) which we sidled over too post-beverage! This was Nic’s first really good Chai Latte- the one which started the love affair! Unique spot and an example of the positive attitude towards the future of the beautiful city. Thanks, Owun for the recommendation!


There’s a camper in a café! Wait, the camper IS the café! Mods Cafe in Melaka, Malaysia. Photo by Steve Collier. Copyright, 2015.

Mods Cafe, Melaka, Malaysia. We came upon this while absorbing the history drenching the streets of this fascinating city. In need of refreshment we quickly checked some reviews online to see if it was worth entering. Satisfied we were going to be subject to some quality drinks we went in and immediately gawped at the awesomeness of it all! They park their VW Camper van is inside the shop itself and that’s where all the drinks are made. You see, these guys are smart. Their bricks and mortar shop is able to become mobile with the turn of a key! The coffee was fantastic (the flat white was one of the best of the trip so far) and the unique setting put a smile on our face. Amazing how a few panes of glass and a doorway can hide such a treasure.


Perfected Latté art and truly incredible coffee at Ristr8to in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Photo by Steve Collier. Copyright, 2015

Ristr8to, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Chiang Mai is no stranger to speciality coffee but Ristr8to is something else. International award winning baristas, original drink creations, impressive latté art and a damn good hot chocolate! Try the Satan Latté. You’ll enjoy one of the best coffees anywhere and the signature latté art which is full on and a thing to behold. These guys know their stuff (hence the six page coffee menu!) and the timber décor makes for a relaxing atmosphere. Drinks are served on a printed wooden block and certain drinks will have details of that particular coffee’s origin and tasting notes on the block. Yet another reason to return to Chiang Mai!

Another five added to the list and there are already more to come but we’ll leave the coffee posts for a bit.

Have you been to any of these places? Where are your favourite coffee shops around the world? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook Page.


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