Do I Need Immunisations?

2015-04-19 15.18.13

Jungles. A great place to catch something! This taken around Bukit Lawang, Indonesia by Steve Collier. Copyright, 2015.

This is an important post. Although there are people right now who believe immunisations are a government conspiracy to control the population and make huge sums of money we absolutely believe that the modern world would be a far more horrific place to exist if it weren’t for research and development in to vaccines and treatments.

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First Post!


A Couple Of Beers… in Berlin! Credit: Steve Collier, 2013.

Welcome to “A Couple Of Beers” travel! This is indeed the first post and hopefully the beginning of what we hope will become entertaining, interesting and useful to travelers and dreamers alike.

In August we’ll be setting out on an adventure across the world. Jobs will have been quit, our flat has been let go and we’re saving those last few pennies (read: many pounds!) to help us stay travelling for longer.

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