From Malaysia to Thailand by Boat Part 1


Post- snorkelling on Koh Lipe Island, Thailand. Photo taken by Steve Collier (on Nicola’s camera!). Copyright, 2015.

The main routes used by travellers to cross in to Thailand are by air, train or bus but few people travel by boat yet this proved to be a perfect and strangely unique method of transport by which to cross the border.

There are more direct routes, however instead we decided to incorporate other locations that we’d planned to visit along the way and it worked out perfectly. Here’s how we did it with associated costs at the time of journey. Part one details the Malaysian leg of the journey. Part two will detail the Malaysia- Thailand leg.

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Your Stories #4: Brook McAllister

We put together a set of questions to ask travellers whether they travel short or long term. Be inspired as Brook tells us about tarot readings on a beach in Bolivia, Argentinian empanades and the realities of forgetting your experiences…


After recently turning 28, bubbling under the surface is a need to hit the road, travelling across another continent, exploring the sights and sounds it has to offer (it’s been too long)! Since returning from a round the world trip in 2011 with my girlfriend Rebecca, I have been living in Bristol working as a cameraman and editor for Immediate Media. The content of my job is very varied and I enjoy working across subjects such as astronomy, history, triathlon and weddings. The aim is to film two personal documentary projects next year, one for my Mum’s charity and another for a yet to be decided subject. Watch this space.

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