Travel With Points and Miles


At the airport in Tokyo, Japan. Photo by Steve Collier, November 2016.

Want to travel for free or at least save a heap of money on your bookings? Of course you do. We thought it would be useful for travellers, especially those from the UK, to explain how we gather points and miles and use them to save money. Travel can be cheap but frequently isn’t and it’s important you know how to extend your ability to experience the world as much as possible.

Over the last few years we’ve saved hundreds if not thousands of pounds simply by taking advantage of loyalty schemes, everyday spending, and a bit of time doing research.

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Five Movies That Inspire Travel: Part 1.



Curtains part. Trailer reel:

Films are huge part of popular culture and have the power to transform opinion, inspire change and excite the senses. There are numerous films which, over the years, have inspired us to seek out adventure and travel and these are some our favourites.

Without further ado, our feature presentation…

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