We’re Celebrities In Indonesia

“Excuse me, can we have a picture with you please?” It’s not something, as every day travellers we’d ever expect a stranger to ask us. In Indonesia though, as westerners we suddenly became celebrities. People of all ages were fascinated to see us and any white, traveller passing through and it gave school kids especially a chance to practice their English with giggling, embarrassed, yet eager tones.


A traveller is swarmed by students wanting their picture taken with a Westerner at Borobudur Temple, Indonesia. Photo taken by Steve Collier. Copyright, 2015.

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Talking To Strangers: Guidebooks and Sushi


Unless you are an omnipresent, immortal being there is no way you will know every piece of information about wherever you are in the world. It is the accumulated knowledge from different perspectives that, if you pay attention, can transform your stay from a simple holiday where you tick the usual tourist boxes (not a bad thing) into a memorable tale that even your great grand kids will know by heart.

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