Hiking Snowdon


“Oh misty eye of the mountain below…”

The lyrics from Ed Sheeran’s “I See Fire” raised the hairs on our arms as we drove across England toward Wales and Snowdonia National Park. Yes, The Hobbit films were shot in New Zealand but the landscapes in this part of the world are similar enough that the Welsh valleys could quite easily have doubled for parts of Middle Earth.

We had decided to climb Snowdon in July 2017 and as always in the UK, hoped the weather would permit us to do so. We’d planned an extra day in the event we had to scrap an ascent due to bad weather. As we arrived at our campsite just outside the tiny village of Rhyd Ddu hopes were somewhat lacking as the rain lashed down with such force the windscreen wipers could barely keep up.

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Your Stories #3: James Harris

Our third story comes from James Harris who at the time of writing was working his way through Europe but right now is actually back in the UK.
We put together a set of questions to ask travellers whether they travel short or long term.

Be inspired as James does travelling the gritty, adventurous way. Enjoy!


I don’t have many photos of myself because of travelling solo a lot. I used to keep a kind of video diary in New Zealand, really just as a personal project, to try to help me keep my sanity. So I screen grabbed this. It was wet, the path was a stream, I was not sure how far I had to go, where I was going to sleep, and was a long way from other people. As that was a large part of that time, this seemed an appropriate face to be pulling. In the end the video diaries turned out to be more of a record of not much sanity!

I’m just a guy who sometimes travels, sometimes works and tries to enjoy life!
I’m a film-maker when I work, and a general adventurer when I don’t. I try to get outside and see new stuff and meet new people as often as possible, whatever I’m doing. Other people rock, so I jump at a chance to join in with something they do that I haven’t before, and I always try to invite people to join me for whatever I do!
I reckon we should all knock down our garden fences and have shared gardens.

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