We’re Celebrities In Indonesia

“Excuse me, can we have a picture with you please?” It’s not something, as every day travellers we’d ever expect a stranger to ask us. In Indonesia though, as westerners we suddenly became celebrities. People of all ages were fascinated to see us and any white, traveller passing through and it gave school kids especially a chance to practice their English with giggling, embarrassed, yet eager tones.


A traveller is swarmed by students wanting their picture taken with a Westerner at Borobudur Temple, Indonesia. Photo taken by Steve Collier. Copyright, 2015.

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Our Crazy Japan Deal


Making plans for Japan! Photo by Steve Collier. Copyright, 2016.

Japan is a notoriously expensive destination in which to travel but after coming across an unmissable deal on flights came along we couldn’t say no and were determined to make it work. The schedule would be fast paced, the travel time would be extended more than we’d like but even with extra travel plans in place and accommodation booked, we’ve still come in under the budget of the cheapest return tickets for two people from the UK to Japan which means we now have more money to put towards pricey Shinkansen passes and drinks at the Robot bar!

Here’s how we did it.

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We Could Go Anywhere From Here…

There are over two hundred individual countries on planet Earth, a planet which covers around 197 million square miles of area. You have a backpack ready to be packed for adventure, a bit of money and a valid passport… so where do you begin?

Photo Credit: Steve Collier, 2014.

Photo Credit: Steve Collier, 2014.

There are no right or wrong answers to this question. It’s purely subjective. You may find as much joy on a jaunt to rural Somerset as a trek to a hilltop village in Papua New Guinea. Your trip plan can depend on budget, comfort zone, personal interests and any number of factors.  What we’ll do then is take you through our ‘process’ and any useful tools we found to help us plan our route.

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